Thursday, August 1, 2013

Magic Bleeds Spoilers

* We learn later that he was challenged by two bears. The Curran POV for the naked dinner is now available here.

** The myth revolves around a man from ancient times called Erra. He has seven creatures that he can pilot. They're basically undead mages. He goes before armies and spreads plagues like wildfire. He drives animals insane and the flee. Basically he's a bad dude. But Erra isn't a he in this story. Erra is a she.

*** Erra is her aunt, Roland's older sister.

**** Saiman decides to parade Kate in front of Curran. Curran wanted to kill him right then and there but since the People were in the room, he couldn't without starting a war. When Kate and Saiman leave, Curran chases after them in a warrior form. Saiman almost runs Kate over at her apartment as he's fleeing Curran's wrath. Kate lures Curran into her apartment through her open window and they have a long and much needed talk. And then, of course, they have sex.

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