Friday, August 2, 2013

Cast in Courtlight Spoilers

* The High Halls sit on top of this shadow place. A shadow creature has the Lord of the Green's name and he is trying to shed himself of his name so he can no longer be controlled by it. The High Lord would try to pass the power to his younger son, the Lord of the West March but he would not have been able to hold the power. Only the Lord of the Green could and with Kaylin's help, he his healed and he can accept the power from his father. His sister becomes the Consort, the one who chooses the names for all Barrani children.

** Kaylin and Severn go to a tower where they are tested. Severn is forced to repeat what he did to Steffi and Jade and Kaylin watches. Kaylin has tests of her own and in the end they emerge from the Tower and are named Lords.

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