Friday, August 2, 2013

Dark Secrets: Legacy of Lies and Don't Tell Spoilers

Legacy of Lies

* Megan and Matt are reincarnations of Megan's grandmother's dead sister and husband. In the past, Matt and Megan were in love. Now in the present they are in love again and together. It just feels a little too weird since they are technically cousins through marriage.

Don't Tell

* It actually turns out that the person who was following her was Nora. Nora has always been a bit special and over the years it has gotten worse.

** This is actually not true at all. Holly hates Lauren and this is the reason why she tries to have Nora and Lauren killed in the boathouse.

*** It turns out that Holly killed Lauren's mother and Nora saw it happen. Nora is now terrified of the water because she believes that Lauren's mom's ghost is haunting the water. Holly told Nora repeatedly not which is why the book it titled "Don't Tell." It turns out that Lauren's mom had a miscarriage at the same time Jule gave birth. Jule couldn't afford a third child so she gave Lauren to her best friend, Lauren's mom. They would visit every year and Lauren's mom would send Jule money every month. Nora and Lauren get trapped in the boathouse at the end of the book and Jule's neighbor sets it on fire. In order to get Holly to confess, they make her believe that Nora was killed. Holly ends up confessing and she is arrested.

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