Monday, July 29, 2013

Magic Burns Spoilers

* Andrea is a Beastkin. Her father was an animalwere. He could transform into a human shape but he was still really dumb. It's very rare for an animalwere to be fertile but Andrea's father was. He mated with Andrea's mom and she became pregnant. Most beastkin are killed on sight by shapeshifters because they are born beast, meaning that their beast is in control. It's an archaic idea but Andrea has kept it quiet. She joined the Order to become a knight so she could pretend she wasn't a shapeshifter. A shapeshifter cannot be part of the Order because the Order focuses on keeping the peace among humans. Andrea hides her status extremely well. Ted does think something is off about her which is why she has been unable to gain her Master at Arms status.

** I love the soup scene. We learn from Aunt B that food is a very big deal for shapeshifters. By giving Kate food, Curran is showing he can take care of her. It's part of the beginning of the mating ritual.


The big battle between the Formorians and the Pack is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, Bran is killed. Kate, so full of magic from the flare, cries and the magic in her tears actually produce flowers. Once the battle is over, Morrigan takes Red as her new hound. Red is an ass who only cares for power.  When he chooses Morrigan over Julie, Julie's heart breaks. Kate takes some time off and drives to Savannah with Julie. Because of Julie's unique talent, she puts Julie in a boarding school that will help her get a good education and develop her power even more.

The epilogue shows Kate coming home to find Curran in her apartment reading the Princess Bride and he had put on a pot of coffee. This is something Kate had told him earlier that she wanted but could never have. Husbands are not something Kate can have. People she loved can be used against her if Roland found her. The scene is referenced in Magic Strikes but more about that later.

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