Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Magic Breaks Spoilers

*In Magic Rises, Hugh save Doolittle and in Magic Breaks he heals Ascanio. It's effortless to him.

**They actually get transported to the tower Roland built for prisoners. It's called Mishmar and it's an insane place. Insane and full of magic. Right before Kate gets transported, Hugh breaks Slayer. That broke my heart. Slayer has been with Kate for so long and it was so hard to read.
Also, we discover that Jennifer is a traitor and she's killed by Desandra who is now the alpha of Clan Wolf. Finally.

***We find out where Christopher lost his mind. There are a bunch of cells in one room full of people, or corpses as Kate calls them. They find Naeemah in one of the cells. She was the werealligator Hugh had told to guard Kate in Magic Bleeds.
As they're trying to escape, they come to a place that has a bridge. There is a wheel inside a room but no one can get near it. Except Kate of course. In it she discovers her grandmother. It turns out Slayer was made out of one of her bones. Her grandmother, Semiramis, give Kate another one so Kate has a new sword in place of Slayer. Insanity in that room. But Kate's grandmother allows them to pass.

****Curran fights Hugh until he's almost defeated but he has to run because there is horde of undead behind them and Kate can't stop it. Leaving the prison is difficult and in the end Robert and Christopher sacrifice themselves. They aren't killed though. Roland saves them and forces Kate to come to him and retrieve them. I was so happy.

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